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    5 star review  They have it all. Clean, great staff and all sorts of machines and equipment.

    thumb Bree Lewis

    5 star review  Joined for the week I was there. 1 beautiful mile walk away from our lokalani condo. Very clean, not busy, well equipped. They utilize a self check in key pad. Loved it! Bring a towel or you'll get the stank eye.

    thumb Chadwick Alan Biehl

    5 star review  Great gym. Great staff and super clean. Came in from CA and got a few day passes. Gym is large, great weight options (dumb-bells, machines, hammer strength and great cardio options. Highly recommend.

    thumb Ryan Smith

    5 star review  Best Gym on Maui We spent one week on Maui and had the opportunity to use the Week Pass on the gym. The staff is very friendly and the combination of gym and crossfit studio makes it really unique. There is no excuse not to train 🙂

    thumb Michael Maier

    5 star review  Love my club maui fam. The 6am work out group challenges have been the best way to start my mornings out right ya'll.. Its a small group so I can focus more on form unlike bigger gyms in the area. I haven't felt this good in years thanks to the crew.

    thumb Keyshia Brown

    5 star review  I love the staff at The Club Maui, they have always been super friendly since Day 1! The gym is so clean and nice.

    thumb Taylor Hanson

    5 star review  Hey Keyshia here.. Excellent gym for the homeless yall, planet fitness has to many people. I feel like brand new after coming here and sleep better then ever in my car. They have a sauna which helps with d etoxing, and a really nice bathroom for me to do my hair. Ugh, whats a girl to do when its so hard to live on this tiny Island!!

    thumb Keyshia Brown

    5 star review  I was skeptical at first, as every gym I’ve gone to in Maui in last 7 years has been really sub par; old equipment and Staphylococcus all over the unclean surfaces. This gym is the opposite of that....Super clean, modern and updated all around. The Maalaea location is beautiful. My only complaint is that there isn’t anyone there...which for some is a good thing. I think it’s a tough location. If it was in Lahaina it would be very busy. Speaking of which, the new Lahaina location is coming soon, I hope ( I keep Hearing opening dates, but they keep Flying by). I hear it will be even nicer than the Maalaea location, which if true, will be the first proper gym on the west side of Maui. The temporary location below the construction of new gym is good enough for now. Great, friendly staff and new equipment. This is the longest review I’ve ever written. Maybe I’m trying to avoid getting up and going to the gym...

    thumb jay hurd

    5 star review  The facility in Lahaina was exactly what I was looking for on our trip to Maui this year. It was clean and well stocked with the type of equipment I use at my own gym. Friendly staff that was welcoming. I will definitely visit again!

    thumb Amber Jones

    5 star review  Arrived to Maui from Cali, And like most priorities # 1) Nearest Costco 2) Gym! Found the Costco easily, finding a gym wasn’t !!!!! Went to many locations that said “they were a gym” and trust me they were a gym put together in 5 mins in the size of a walk-in closest . Almost gave up on looking until we heard from a local about Club Maui. Just come here first before trying anything else ! #GetSum

    thumb Blake Ahlin

    5 star review  Best gym in Maui! Friendly people and awesome staff. Highly recommend. They have free weight and machines so it fits all workouts. And enough room so you’re not bumping into people.

    thumb Connor Allstar

    5 star review  I love our gym!! The view is awesome. Aloha is here and the vibe is productive. The staff are all super friendly. It’s clean with state of the art equipment, and all well maintained. Great gym. So grateful it’s here on Maui. I hope that it continues to attract the right people as it grows...

    thumb cameron english

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