Gym Rules

& FAQs

Weight Room Rules

  1. Always be courteous and respectful of others.
  2. Proper fitness attire and athletic shoes required. No slippers/ sandals.
  3. Everyone must have their own Workout Towel, and use it.
  4. No Food or Drinks (other than water) on or around equipment.
  5. Please return all equipment to its place and re-rack your weights!
  6. Sanitize equipment before and after each use!
  7. Avoid dropping weights, letting weight stacks slam, and excessively loud grunting.
  8. Use one machine at a time and allow others to use equipment in between your sets.
  9. Use proper technique and know your body’s limits to avoid injury.
  10. Keep your bag and equipment out of the way of others.
  11. Be mindful of others when talking on your cell phone.
  12. Keep the chalk in the chalk bucket at all times.
  13. No stepping or jumping on Benches.
  14. If you create the mess, you need to clean it. (i.e. If chalk is on equipment or floor, you need to wipe it up)
  15. Good Hygiene is mandatory. Wear deodorant.
  16. The Club Maui reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
MEMBER agrees to follow Club Rules as promulgated from time to time. Violation of these rules may be the cause for suspension or cancellation of membership.

Membership FAQs

Can I freeze my Club Maui membership?

Some monthly memberships may be put on hold/freeze (at a month minimum) to maintain original membership pricing for a freeze fee of $10 per month.

All Paid in Full memberships get a total of 8 months of complimentary freezes at 1 month increments per hold. (This will extend their expiration dates.)

Advance notice by email to [email protected] and payment of fees are required to hold membership. No refunds shall be given once the membership begins.

Access Door FAQs

I lost my key fob. What should I do?
If you’ve lost your key fob, contact Member Services at (808) 868-CLUB (2582) or see a staff member during service hours ASAP and they will help you purchase a replacement key fob. The replacement cost is $10.
I forgot my key fob at home. Can I still get into the gym?

Because our members’ safety is our main concern, we do not allow tailgating (members opening the door for other guests) for members who forget their key fob. In member- ship agreements, there are fines and membership terminations to ensure tailgating does not occur. If you forgot your key fob, call (808) 868-CLUB (2582).

My key fob is not working. What should I do?
Contact Member Services at (808) 868-CLUB (2582) or see a staff member during service hours ASAP and they will help you. A defective access key could mean a number of things: billing problems, lockout or there could be an issue with the door of the location.