The Do’s and Don’ts of Riding a Stationary Bike

October 8, 2019 | Fitness

Offering an easy way to work up a sweat and burn calories, riding a stationary bike is an alternative to cycling around the neighborhood. Indoor bike riding provides many benefits, and you can maximize your time at the gym by following these helpful suggestions.

The Basics of Riding a Stationary Bike


Warm-up beforehand.

stationary bikeAlways warm-up before you begin any type of workout to stimulate blood flow to the muscles, improve flexibility, and gradually get the heart pumping. The more limber your body is, the more effectively you’ll move on the stationary bike. Aim for at least five to 10 minutes, which is enough time to shock cold muscles awake and prepare the body for exercise.

Maintain proper form.

The bike itself may not move, but the muscles engage in plenty of rigorous movements during the workout. Make sure the handlebars and saddle are properly adjusted. The seat should support all of your body weight and make it easy for you to move comfortably. Avoid tilting it too far north or south as that can put unnecessary pressure on arms and knees. As you lean forward, engage the abs, relax the elbows, and hold on gently to the handlebars. This position should help you maintain a straight back. If you experience chronic back pain, consider riding a recumbent bike with a reclining seat.


Keep it simple.

Stationary bikes make it easy to sweat through your routine, but it’s always beneficial to mix up workouts to keep all of the muscles engaged. For example, switch up the intensity for 20 minutes by rotating between flat-road, moderate, and forceful riding. You can also play music and bike to the beat.

Forget the panel.

The display panel is there to guide you through the workout, and they usually feature different levels. The revolutions per minute (RPM) indicate your cadence, which is how many times the pedal turns in a minute. Wattage refers to the power you sustain during a workout.

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